Who is Jon Schweppe?

I am the Director of Policy and Government Affairs for American Principles Project (APP). In this role, I advance the organization’s legislative priorities by working with allied groups and with federal and state lawmakers. I co-authored two groundbreaking reports released in 2020: Protecting Free Speech and Defending Kids: A Proposal to Amend Section 230, and Black Lives Matter and the BREATHE Act: A Radical Movement with a Radical Agenda.

I am an alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s Lincoln Fellowship. I’ve been published in a number of publications, including The New York Post, The American Mind, First Things, Newsweek, The Federalist, The Washington Examiner, Townhall, The National Pulse, and the Daily Caller. Prior to joining APP, I worked on several political campaigns, focusing mainly on communications and policy. I’m a graduate of Augustana College, where I majored in Economics and Finance.

I launched Disrupt in January 2021.

What is “Disrupt”?

Disrupt is a glorified blog where I focus on the issues in politics I care most about. I chose Substack largely because it advertises itself as a pro-free speech platform — and the topics I cover tend to upset powerful people. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that getting censored and deplatformed is a pain when you’re trying to communicate a message to a broad audience, so I’d like to avoid that happening for as long as possible!

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